Experience Ibogaine Treatment Center and Psychedelic Medicine

There is nothing worse than heroin addiction. While, this really is only classified as an opinion, the reality is I consider this a fact. Heroin and other opiate addictions are poisonous snakes, once they bite you run for cover. Unfortunately, you may not survive.

I am one of the lucky ones. I was never really into the "feel good" drugs. I experimented with a ton of drugs: psilocybin, lsd, mdma, heroin, pills, cocaine, meth. Basically anything I could get my hands on I tried.

I didn't personally like heroin or opiates. They made me sick and I just didn't get it. Marijuana and other psychedelics made sense to me. They made me think in a completely different way which I liked. I guess I never had the traumatic past or something to cover up that many addicts do. My friends weren't so lucky.

After I moved away from California my friends got really heavy into heroin. I would go hang out with them sometimes and smoke heroin with them but it wasn't that much fun. Nothing I had to have the next day.

Then, my best friend overdosed.

He survived luckily. But man was I scared for him.

Then he overdosed again.

And then he overdosed again.


At this point I didn't know what to do. Luckily my friend knew that it had to be the end of the road for him as well. If he didn't do something, and fast, he probably wouldn't survive the next overdose or the one after that.

Heroin doesn't stop.

We had studies seriously every psychedelic drug that existed in the world. Ayahuasca, mescaline, Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds, morning glory seeds, toad dmt. All of these were in my vocabulary and on my list of psychedelic drugs I had to try.

But I had never once heard about Ibogaine.

The reality is, not many people know about Ibogaine and what it is. Basically it's alot like Ayahuasca, if it can be compared to anything.

Super crazy trip. Long. And the background of Ibogaine is from the Iboga plant in Africa where they use it for spiritual and religious purposes. Shaminic. Alot like Ayahuasca.

But in many cases it knocks you almost unconscious. It's called the waking dream. Much similar to Ayahuasca really.

So my friend took 7,000 dollars that was supposed to pay for his college tuition and he went down to and Ibogaine clinic in Mexico and took Ibogaine.

It saved his life.

He hasn't touched heroin since that day. I gotta say I am pretty happy that he found Ibogaine.

I have since had many of my friends do Ibogaine and they all had results much like my first friend. Most of them have stayed clean.

Supposably Ibogaine takes away all the withdrawals and repairs the addiction portion of the brain so that it doesn't depend on Heroin or Opiates in order to function. Normally, addicts take months or years to get completely over their drug withdrawals and move on.

But not with Ibogaine. For some strange reason Mother Nature threw us a bone and gave us an intense way to overcome heroin addiction.

And that's the other part, the psychedelic part. Ibogaine really helps people find themselves I believe. I believe all psychedelics do that, but Ibogaine does this while treating the addiction. It kinda gives addicts a new way to look at their life while they are physically treating their brain from their addiction.

Like a one two punch for addiction I guess.

I am so glad my friends found a way that works for them. I really don't care how people want to find themselves or what kind of drug treatment program works for people on an individual level, but Ibogaine is one way that I have seen work.

For those of you who haven't tried heroin, don't.

For those struggling with strong addictions, find a treatment that works, please.